In this crazy time, there are, of course, no competitions or club activites to report. No games. No practices. Certainly not what we all envisioned back in September.
Due to insurance issues with WPC, we cannot send you suggestions of workouts OR web sites to seek out to find workouts to do at home (see next post).
So, another thing that perhaps can help maintain the connection to water polo is game video. To that extent, club Head Coach and Founder George Gross, Jr. will be starting up a weekly or bi-weekly video review session of international, collegiate and Golden Jets club games.
Even if members are not involved in the actual video breakdown session, everyone can enjoy the game video on their own.
A few days before each video breakdown session, George will post a link to the game being reviewed. You can watch it beforehand to get familiar with the action and do your own analysis.
Our first video is the Hungary-Spain preliminary round game from this year’s European Championships (the teams met again later in the gold medal game). The game ended in a 11-11 tie. When you see the player introductions, you will see what we all wish we could have here!
You can find the video at:

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