Due to the on-going police presence and severe restriction of vehicle access into and around the UofT area, we have decided to postpone tomorrow’s tryout.

Also, in order to give ample time for parents to plan and for their children to have a proper tryout week, the Golden Jets first age group practices will occur as follows:

Thu    Mar   3    –  Central Tech High School  –  7pm   –    725 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5S 2R5  (northeast corner of Harbord)

Sat   Mar    5   –  UofT 50m Pool   –  12noon   –   55 Harbord Street  (southeast corner of Spadina)

Sun  Mar    7   –  UofT 50m Pool   –   5pm

This week will represent an opportunity to try practices as well as be evaluated.  After the end of the week, anyone wishing to practice will need to register on-line with Water Polo Canada AND remit the club fee.

We will be sending out a reminder on the entry process for UofT (whatever that process will be given that the Province will be opening up events to full capacity).

We apologize for the short notice about the change but the road closures only just occurred late last night and are still in effect now (early Saturday evening).


George & Jacqui