The Toronto Golden Jets senior women’s Gold team opened the 2022-23 Major League Water Polo (MLWP) season winning all three of its matches at the UofT Athletic Center.

The weekend began with a tilt against South Central, a team made up mostly of younger players training at the Regional Development Center in Scarborough.

The Jets wasted no time establishing their offence jumping out to a quick 4-0 lead in the first four minutes of the game. From then on, with two full lines of experienced players splitting playing time, the Jets continued to pull away and eventually closed things out with a 23-1 victory.

On Day 2, the Jets faced a daunting doubleheader to be played within a four hour span.

Up first was the perennial powerhouse team from Montreal, CAMO.
The Jets sprinted out to a quick two goal lead and maintained the advantage into the second half. In the second half, the Jets doubled the lead and carved out a 9-5 win.

On two hours’ rest, the Jets Gold were back in the water to face the Ottawa Titans. Once again, the Jets quickly established their offence while simutlaneously shutting down their opponents. In the end, the Jets completed the weekend’s three game sweep with a 26-6 victory.

The Jets Gold team heads into weekend two of the Eastern Conference season in first place. The team will travel to Montreal on the weeend of January 20-22.Related: clipsal 3 phase 5 pin plug wiring diagram australia, who plays anna’s mother on the verge, political migration push and pull factors, joseph’s brothers in order of age, does lauren pomerantz still work for ellen, josephine violet barbee, the ketch lbi sold, how to change truck weight class in pa, panmure gordon summer internship, how to factory reset hikvision dvr without password, jeffrey toobin zoom video original, periductal stromal tumor breast pathology outlines, betty anne waters net worth, disadvantage of sterilization, diwali pictionary words,Related: greenlight commercial actors, how many times has fiona bruce been married, why did diane mcinerney leaves inside edition, sandy morris obituary als, new york state tax refund phone number live person, do mto officers carry guns, full compound for rent in gambia, harris county engineering contacts, who owns hauser and wirth, how many siblings does keke wyatt have, how old is leo rautins wife, who is jon fishman married to, alex wagner husband, substitute for dry pork gravy mix, where is dirt every day shop,Related: did billie holiday sing blue bayou, university of florida game day outfits, knmc overseas verification, which formula would produce the value in cell c25, mansfield, ohio obituaries, irregular shapes names and pictures, george brett plane family guy, what to wear to the killers concert, gerd friendly starbucks drinks, lawn fertilizer safe for birds, sumter county, ga election results, healing symbols tattoo, ma state house news early retirement, was gregory sierra ever married, denver police reports by address,Related: best piercing places in nashville, homes for sale greenfield, ma zillow, ohia wood uses, atlanta hawks minority owners, citibank consumer business support unit, why am i embarrassed to be in a relationship, cody wilkerson canyon lake, tx, latin word for nightmare an evil male spirit, giada and bobby flay engaged, does labcorp post results on weekends, zarate’s daily specials, bradenton mugshots 2021, carbquik irish soda bread, how is tony evers worth $200 million, yellowstone dutton ranch size,Related: day trips from canberra with dogs, fanduel jersey city office, via verde country club membership cost, maria pulera wisconsin, assemble candy boxes from home job, deutsche bank avp salary london, property for sale marion michigan, ya’ara saks husband, tom brittney daughter, maimonides anesthesiology residency, bella taylor smith partner liam, biman bangladesh airlines flight tracking, omegawave vs whoop, how to cite cornell law school legal information institute, masami kuni museum,Related: visa infinite vs amex platinum, gil married at first sight net worth, , mini cooper s r53 scorpion exhaust, encanto disney drinking game, hooters bentley sauce recipe, gold coast council rates calculator, wife gundappa viswanath family, amherst ny mugshots, alena maze and tom mcdonnell, brunswick county public utilities login, lottery bible large print, bob jones prophet testimony, did etta place have a child, socialist wedding readings,Related: chanel allure homme sport twist spray, music ethnography books, brooks running tank tops women’s, versace bright crystal perfume 100ml, yoghurt production biochemistry and microbiology pdf, certificate authentication example, ladies tops with elasticated bottom, what does tilde mean in text, comparison shopping example, school funding issues 2022, franke a800 spec sheet, mountain house recipes, shein wide leg jeans black, pantanal wildlife holidays, avenue hotel copenhagen,