in this crazy time, all the coaches and executives at the Golden Jets are hoping every member and his/her family is safe and healthy AND doing the right thing by following the federal and provincial social distancing guidelines.

Some members have enquired about workouts to do at home.  Actually, we would have sent suggestions of specific things to do AND suggestions of web sites with videos to follow.  HOWEVER, we were prevented from doing this due to the WPC insurance situation.

Below you will find the amended clause of the WPC insurance policy relating to home training until September 20, 2020.  The process is very clear.

We hope you understand.

In consideration of premium charged it is understood and agreed that the Description of
Operations is amended to include Online Training until September 30, 2020 as per the following
terms and conditions:-
WATER POLO CANADA is permitted to conduct online classes in flexibility, strength &
conditioning only under the following restrictions:
• All instruction is to be carried out by a registered WATER POLO CANADA certified
• All individuals participating must be registered WATER POLO CANADA members and
must be recorded by the coach
• Publicly-accessible broadcast tools such as Facebook Live, YouTube, etc. and pre-recorded videos are not acceptable methods of delivering online training
• Permitted delivery tools must include the use of controlled, multi-screen video conferencing programs such as Skype or Zoom (ZOOMUS)
• All injuries are to be documented
• Instructors must advise WATER POLO CANADA in writing before the class and include the following information:
1. Date and time of the course
2. Instructor and instructor’s remote location, bearing in mind facilities are closed
3. Class Content (activities to be conducted)
4. Number of Participants (ensure all participants are WATER POLO CANADA members before the start of the session)
5. Class is limited to the number of participants that can be viewed on a single screen and no more than four (4) participants in one location while following the Provincial Physical Distancing Guidelines
6. Participants must have signed WATER POLO CANADA required Waivers and Consent Forms
Attached to and forming part of Policy Number Insured Effective Date
All other terms and conditions remain unchanged

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