Water Polo Canada has released the following statement with regard to the long term format for the senior National Teams. By separate post, you will be able to read the actual document.
Today we are sharing with you an important announcement with respect to the training delivery for our Senior National Team programs over the next eight years.
In short, our National Training Centre will continue to reside at the INS-Quebec in Montreal, QC, where we will maintain adjusted service for all athletes in the Montreal region and those who have recently or who will relocate in the future. Our objective is to provide more training and competition opportunities for athletes nationwide while stimulating the growth of our Senior Domestic Competition Structure aligned with the National Team Calendars.
In the attached document, you’ll find a communication that lays out WPC plans to offer athletes an opportunity to train in their various cities, including the National Training Centre in Montreal.
More information will be circulated in the coming months through our normal WPC & PSO communication channels.