George Gross Jr

Created TORONTO CITY GOLDEN JETS club (1980)
Was player-head coach from 1980-1991 (except 1985)
Grew team from 12 to 125 members covering men and women, junior and senior
Overall club champions in Ontario for first 5 years award created

Slobodan Stojanovic

Slobodan, also known as Slobo, coaches body technique and ball technique throughout all programs in the Toronto Golden Jets.  Slobo gained his knowledge of water polo instruction under the tutelage of Zoran Gobcevic, Nenad Manojlovic, Petar Kovacevic and Nenad Vasilevski, all Serbian National Level coaches in water polo. Slobodan is assisted by instructors who are all accredited water polo coaches with the Coaching Association of Canada. These instructors are generally players on the University of Toronto and Golden Jets senior teams and will have trained under club Head Coach and two-time Olympian, George Gross, Jr.  Also, Slobo’s years of work teaching swimming in Learn-to-Swim clubs and at the “Y” have helped him gain a keen awareness both of how to motivate younger kids AND get them to acquire skills quickly.