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The Toronto Golden Jets senior women’s water polo program made history on the first weekend of Major League Water Polo (MLWP) by fielding a second team in the national league for the first time ever.

The Jets Navy team burst into existence in exciting fashion on Day 1 of the MLWP weekend taking on the Ottawa Titans.

The teams traded leads several times, including twice in the fourth quarter before ending up in a tie at the end of regulation time. The tie meant a penalty shootout would decide the winner. Both the Jets and Titans had opportunities to win the shootout. In the end, in the fourth round of shots, the Jets missed while Ottawa scored giving the Titans a 20-19 win.

Later in the day, the Jets Navy team was back in the pool squaring off against South Central. Probably suffering from an adrenaline crash after the thriller shootout earlier, the Jets fell behind early.

It took a big push in the final quarter that allowed the Jets to mount a comeback and escape with a hard-fought 14-12 victory.

On Day 2, the Jets Navy team had its work cut out facing CAMO. The Montreal visitors proved to be too much and rolled to a 15-2 triumph.

The 1-2 record left the Jets Navy team in 4th place in the Eastern Conference heading into the second league weekend which will take place in Montreal, January 20-22.

The top four teams from the Eastern Conference will qualify for the National Finals in Regina, March 31, April 1-2.Related: jello salad without pineapple, cadillac eldorado brougham pininfarina, fenrir mordex codes, hammer act 1994, phil ruffin home, genesee county mugshots, chris kyle longest sniper shot, how old is katie standon now, news anchor kills herself after lasik, st vincent orphanage denver colorado, melbourne to gold coast via hume highway, jodean’s monthly specials, ould inishowen whiskey, can you use magic shaving powder on your vag, hawaii surfing competition 2022,Related: cheap apartments in santo domingo, dominican republic, aoyama kun characters, campus federal credit union payoff address, alex ward mc chris, latter day saints rules, kate macdonald ita buttrose daughter, plum smuggler commercial, adelaide babbage hockey, st louis blues military tickets, base de datos etecsa 2020 descargar gratis, tim minchin wife and family, brigadoon beetlejuice, bridge to nowhere death, rogers centre entrance gates, i cook as long as i want in italian,Related: legoland teacher pass 2022 blackout dates, coffman funeral home obituaries staunton, va, fake left the group messenger, stabbing alpha road, croydon, erickson helicopter crash, aries man jealous over pisces woman, hello neighbor beta 1 steam, no background check apartments in des moines iowa, lewis brisbois salary cuts, what is wrong with the holiness movement, duplex for sale in tracy, ca, leupold burnt bronze rifle scope, sanford, florida recent arrests mugshots, messages for ex girlfriend to make her happy, nurse practitioner productivity bonus formula,Related: io netty handler codec decoderexception received unexpected null component, redlands unified school district lunch menu, germantown wi obituaries, what color represents justice, alonzo brooks creek photo, keeping up with the joneses australia where are they now 2018, david gergen height, tony schiavello net worth, f is for family lamaze lady voice actor, greenspoint shooting today, ge holiday schedule 2021 louisville, ky, can you transplant tiger grass, booneville, ms police department arrests, yonke de motos en los angeles california, is jackie chan still alive 2020,Related: clear blue insurance company trucking, seurat subset analysis, tdcj visitation portal login, handmade pottery soup bowls with handles, patio homes for sale in lexington, sc, tcby white chocolate mousse copycat recipe, 11 impact zone, warframe impact to slash, wras dead leg regulations, ranch style homes for sale waterloo iowa, falesia undulna tessari, alpha express labs tulsa airport, chiltern bin collection calendar, elliot pheasants for sale, dogecoin contract address,Related: clear lake high school shooting, goldman sachs london salary, 2022 excel calendar with holidays, ms shirleen net worth, who did willem dafoe replace in life aquatic, ship to oregon to avoid sales tax, costa concordia morti nomi, roane county tennessee news, yandex translate image, list reports on file by date dmv, do deacons get paid in the baptist church, chris tucker daughter, cashiers check buying used car, how long did the ingalls live in winoka, raleigh charter waitlist,Related: military writing vs civilian writing venn diagram, pantagraph obituaries pending, florida shark attacks, where was rumor has it filmed, can i take sudafed two days before surgery, citizens bank park birthday announcements, when to stop watering lawn in houston texas, gildan heliconia vs safety pink, was jeffrey jones in harry potter, montgomery, mn obituaries, 1991 fleer ultra baseball error cards, sharp vs scripps, burleigh morton mugshots busted, rhonda rivera davidson age, mary elizabeth harriman heart and stroke,


The Toronto Golden Jets senior women’s Gold team opened the 2022-23 Major League Water Polo (MLWP) season winning all three of its matches at the UofT Athletic Center.

The weekend began with a tilt against South Central, a team made up mostly of younger players training at the Regional Development Center in Scarborough.

The Jets wasted no time establishing their offence jumping out to a quick 4-0 lead in the first four minutes of the game. From then on, with two full lines of experienced players splitting playing time, the Jets continued to pull away and eventually closed things out with a 23-1 victory.

On Day 2, the Jets faced a daunting doubleheader to be played within a four hour span.

Up first was the perennial powerhouse team from Montreal, CAMO.
The Jets sprinted out to a quick two goal lead and maintained the advantage into the second half. In the second half, the Jets doubled the lead and carved out a 9-5 win.

On two hours’ rest, the Jets Gold were back in the water to face the Ottawa Titans. Once again, the Jets quickly established their offence while simutlaneously shutting down their opponents. In the end, the Jets completed the weekend’s three game sweep with a 26-6 victory.

The Jets Gold team heads into weekend two of the Eastern Conference season in first place. The team will travel to Montreal on the weeend of January 20-22.Related: clipsal 3 phase 5 pin plug wiring diagram australia, who plays anna’s mother on the verge, political migration push and pull factors, joseph’s brothers in order of age, does lauren pomerantz still work for ellen, josephine violet barbee, the ketch lbi sold, how to change truck weight class in pa, panmure gordon summer internship, how to factory reset hikvision dvr without password, jeffrey toobin zoom video original, periductal stromal tumor breast pathology outlines, betty anne waters net worth, disadvantage of sterilization, diwali pictionary words,Related: greenlight commercial actors, how many times has fiona bruce been married, why did diane mcinerney leaves inside edition, sandy morris obituary als, new york state tax refund phone number live person, do mto officers carry guns, full compound for rent in gambia, harris county engineering contacts, who owns hauser and wirth, how many siblings does keke wyatt have, how old is leo rautins wife, who is jon fishman married to, alex wagner husband, substitute for dry pork gravy mix, where is dirt every day shop,Related: did billie holiday sing blue bayou, university of florida game day outfits, knmc overseas verification, which formula would produce the value in cell c25, mansfield, ohio obituaries, irregular shapes names and pictures, george brett plane family guy, what to wear to the killers concert, gerd friendly starbucks drinks, lawn fertilizer safe for birds, sumter county, ga election results, healing symbols tattoo, ma state house news early retirement, was gregory sierra ever married, denver police reports by address,Related: best piercing places in nashville, homes for sale greenfield, ma zillow, ohia wood uses, atlanta hawks minority owners, citibank consumer business support unit, why am i embarrassed to be in a relationship, cody wilkerson canyon lake, tx, latin word for nightmare an evil male spirit, giada and bobby flay engaged, does labcorp post results on weekends, zarate’s daily specials, bradenton mugshots 2021, carbquik irish soda bread, how is tony evers worth $200 million, yellowstone dutton ranch size,Related: day trips from canberra with dogs, fanduel jersey city office, via verde country club membership cost, maria pulera wisconsin, assemble candy boxes from home job, deutsche bank avp salary london, property for sale marion michigan, ya’ara saks husband, tom brittney daughter, maimonides anesthesiology residency, bella taylor smith partner liam, biman bangladesh airlines flight tracking, omegawave vs whoop, how to cite cornell law school legal information institute, masami kuni museum,Related: visa infinite vs amex platinum, gil married at first sight net worth, , mini cooper s r53 scorpion exhaust, encanto disney drinking game, hooters bentley sauce recipe, gold coast council rates calculator, wife gundappa viswanath family, amherst ny mugshots, alena maze and tom mcdonnell, brunswick county public utilities login, lottery bible large print, bob jones prophet testimony, did etta place have a child, socialist wedding readings,Related: chanel allure homme sport twist spray, music ethnography books, brooks running tank tops women’s, versace bright crystal perfume 100ml, yoghurt production biochemistry and microbiology pdf, certificate authentication example, ladies tops with elasticated bottom, what does tilde mean in text, comparison shopping example, school funding issues 2022, franke a800 spec sheet, mountain house recipes, shein wide leg jeans black, pantanal wildlife holidays, avenue hotel copenhagen,


The Toronto Golden Jets senior men Navy team had an excellent start to the MLWP season by taking four of five games in Eastern Conference second division play at the University of Toronto’s Athletic Center.
Early on Day 1, the Jets played a close first half against the visiting Ottawa United Titans 2. Beginning in the third quarter, the home side slowly but surely began to pull away and wound up with a 14-6 victory. The win was especially significant because the Jets were missing several players who could not get time off from work to play.
Later in the day, the Jets faced off against Laval, a Montreal suburbs squad. The Jets stayed close for three quarters but still found themselves trailing by two goals entering the fourth period.
In a see saw quarter, the Jets scored three unanswered goals to take the lead, then gave up two goals to again fall behind before scoring twice late to pull out a thrilling 10-9 win.
On the second day of competition, the Jets Navy team was pitted first against Adriatico and had nothing in the tank falling 16-7.
Later in the day, the Jets squared off against the Hamilton-based squad, Southwest Sharks. The game had numerous lead changes as both teams found ways to score. In the end, the Jets had enough energy in the fourth quarter to pull out a close 15-13 victory.
The final day saw the Jets Navy team go up against the Mavericks, a team comprised mostly of U20 players. The score stayed close throughout the first half but the Jets never relinquished the lead and, in the second half, pulled away for a 9-4 win.
The 4-1 record put the Jets Navy team in second place in the six team second division heading into the second weekend of play which will take place in Montreal on the weekend of January 20-22.
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The 2022-23 Major League Water Polo Season (MLWP) got underway on the weekend at the University of Toronto Athletic Center and the Toronto Golden Jets senior men Gold team won three of its four Eastern Conference matches.

The team’s first game was against DDO, the 2019 National Champions from Montreal. The teams were close for each of the first three quarters which left the Jets holding a slim one goal edge entering the final quarter.

Then, the home team exploded for six unanswered goals and went on to capture a 19-10 victory.

Early the next day, the Jets were back in the water with a date against CAMO 2, another Montreal-based squad.

The game followed the previous day’s script with the Jets holding a slim one goal lead entering the final frame before the home side again exploded for a raft of goals en route to a 15-9 win.

After a couple of hours rest, the Jets were back at it facing off against CAMO 1 in what turned out to be a marquee match up.

The Jets fell behind by seven goals in the first half before mounting a tremendous comeback which saw the home side even things up at 17-17 mid way through the fourth quarter. But the energy expended to come all the way back then showed as CAMO 1 outscored the Jets 4-0 in the final four minutes to claim a 21-17 victory.

On the final day of competition, the Jets went up against last year’s national champions, Ottawa United 1. With a steady quarter-by-quarter build, the Jets captured the game 17-10.

The 3-1 record leaves the Golden Jets Gold team in second place heading into the second tournament which will take place in Montreal, January 20-22.

The top four teams in the Eastern Conference at the end of the season will qualify for the National Finals in Regina March 31, April 1-2 and will be joined by the top four teams in the Western Conference.


The Toronto Golden Jets senior men got in some early season action on the weekend playing a pair of games at the UofT Fall Classic.

The Jets jumped all over the visiting club team from Cleveland to win 19-3.

A few hours later, the team was back in the water to face Western University and came away with a 18-6 victory.

The men will begin training in earnest after Thanksgiving as the two teams entered in the Canadian National League (MLWP) prepare for the first league tournament at UofT the weekend of Dec 9-11.


After a restricted restart to our programming last year, we are able to go back to more regular practice schedules starting this weekend.
As we continue to evolve as a club, the various facets are taking on more up-to-date scheduling and structures.
Below, you will find the current “plan” for this coming training year. Of course, the final structure/scheduling will be dependent on the number of members in each age category.

In assessing whom we had in an abbreviated year last year and what the best training environment would be, we have concluded that the best solution to start out the year is to offer the following:

Boys 11-17 – Tuesdays 8-9:30pm (Central Tech), Thursdays 8-9:30pm (Central Tech) and Sundays 5-7pm (UofT) – depending on numbers and costs, an additional practice may be added (likely on Friday night) and the boys might be split into two groups (11-13 and 14-17)

Girls 11-17 – Tuesdays 8-9:30pm (Central Tech), Thursdays 8-9:30pm (Central Tech) and Sundays 5-7pm (UofT) – depending on numbers and costs, an additional practice may be added (likely on Saturday afternoon or Monday evening) and the girls might be split into two groups (11-13 and 14-17)

Coed 6-10 – Fridays 6pm-7pm (waiting for confirmation of time available from two pools) and Saturdays 12pm-1pm (might be changed to Sundays 5pm-6pm)

Families that have siblings in two different categories WILL be able to have them train at the same time. For example, two sisters aged 8 and 12 could train together in the girls 11-17 slots OR in the Coed 6-10 slots. This would be a discussion between parents and coaches.

Our competition plan is to play in local provincial tournaments as well as do home and homes with area teams. The big trip will occur in early April (date to be confirmed) when we travel to the USA to play in a large age group tournament (separate boys and girls teams).

Phase 1 – Sep 11, 2022 – May 28, 2023
Phase 2 – June 1, 2023 – Aug 11, 2023

This is shaping up to be an exciting year for the Golden Jets age group program and we hope you will part of it!


The Toronto Golden Jets senior men made it to another gold medal game at the National Championships.
The journey at the National Championships began with a quarter-final match up against CAMO 2 (Montreal) which gained the 8th seed due to the withdrawal of the #4 seed from the Western Conference.
Reflecting a layoff of 6 weeks between games, both teams took a quarter to get back into game form trading single goals. The Jets then jumped out to a two goal half-time lead thanks to a 4-2 second period.
The Jets blew the game open with a strong 5-0 third quarter to lead 10-3 heading into the 4th quarter. Another strong period from the Jets offence led to a 6-2 quarter and a 16-5 win.
Diego Gonzalez and Aiden Masters each had hat tricks to pace the Jets attack. Euan Schofield, Sukhmun Hare and Patrick Conn popped in a pair of goals apiece while single tallies came from the hands of Bruno Marunica, Timmy Pourkazemi, Tony Giannatsis and Rudy Despaigne.
With the victory, the Jets moved on to the semi-finals and a clash with CAMO 1. It was a closely fought contest through the first two quarters with the Jets taking the opening quarter 2-1 and the teams tieing 2-2 in the second leaving the Jets with a slim 4-3 advantage at halftime.
A 3-0 third quarter proved to be the difference as the Jets bought their place in the national final with a 10-5 win. Schofield, Marunica and Richard Laurie each scored twice. Gonzalez, Despaigne, Hare and goalie Emirhan Ozdemir (with a pool length shot into the empty net after CAMO 1 had pulled its goalie for an extra attacker) rounded out the scoring.
In the final, one quarter (the second) against the Ottawa Titans would sink the Jets’ hopes of another national title. The teams tied the other three quarters but the Titans roared to a 6-2 second quarter en route to a 11-7 victory.
Hare and Conn notched two goals each while Gonzalez, Marunica and Schofield chipped in with singles.
The Jets men only lost one game all year, going undefeated throughout the regular season and first two rounds of the Nationals.


The Toronto Golden Jets senior women finished 4th at the Canadian National Championships held at Markham’s Pan Am pool.
The Jets drew the Edmonton Tsunami in the quarter finals and quickly fell behind 2-0 in the first quarter before notching a tally to head into the second down 2-1.
The Jets offence came to life in the second quarter taking the period 3-1 to enter the second half leading 4-3.
The Jets stretched the lead to 5-3 but gave up a goal with only two seconds left in the third to carry a narrow one goal lead into the fourth.
The fourth quarter ended up being the Christi Bardecki show for the Jets as the 40+ year-old scored all four Jets goals and, with the score tied 7-7 with three minutes to go, dragged the team to a 9-7 victory with an even strength and power play goal.
Bardecki led all scorers with four markers. Tyanna Supreme struck for a pair of goals while Caitlyn Tiedje, Lauren Dundee and Kaitlyn Palmer each netted one.
The Jets received a strong game from third string goalie, Arushi Madan, who was pressed into service due to the absence of starter Rachael Jaffe (away competing internationally) and back-up Hana Truchla (concussion).
The next day, it was a semi-final match-up against the Pacific Storm (Vancouver) and this time it was the Jets who jumped out to a 2-0 early first quarter lead. However, the defence lapsed and gave up four unanswered goals to leave the Jets trailing 4-2 heading into the second period.
The Jets tightened up and won the second period 2-1 to trail by a single goal (5-4) at the half. Storm reversed that in the third quarter to restore its two goal lead (7-5).
The Jets scored early in the 4th quarter to pull with one but could not muster any more offence leaving the Storm to pull away for a 10-6 win.
Bardecki had a pair of goals as did Supreme. Dundee and Palmer again added singles. The loss put the Jets into the bronze medal game against the Calgary Renegades.
The Jets were further short-handed for the bronze medal game and it showed early as the Renegades roared out to a 5-2 first quarter lead. They increased the lead by a goal in each of the next two quarters before the teams sawed off the final period 1-1 as Calgary took the bronze medal with a convincing 10-5 win.
Ana Miroslavic led the Jets offence with a hat trick. Hannah Levin and Bardecki added singles.
While not the ending the Jets were looking for, the season was still a big success given the undefeated record in the Eastern Conference regular season – something to build on for next year.