Nutrition for Optimal Performance in Water Polo

The Toronto Golden Jets club is extremely fortunate to have Registered Dietitian Mohamed Rezk both as an outstanding coach and as a consultant for nutrition. His knowledge is an exciting resource for all club members. Our players have unique access to Mo’s expertise through personal advice, group seminars and a specific and informative nutrition page on the website. Access to these online resources is through a membership code available to club members only.

The Toronto Golden Jets supports the education of our athletes in both fitness and nutrition. Good nutrition is vitally important for athletes who need ample energy for performance and the appropriate nutrients for recovery. Consuming the right foods before and after exercise is especially important for young athletes who are still growing. Forming good nutrition habits at this stage is the key to a healthy life.

Mohamed Rezk is available for consultation to all interested individuals as well and can be reached through his company, Redirect Nutrition Consulting.