The Toronto Golden Jets senior men Navy team had an excellent start to the MLWP season by taking four of five games in Eastern Conference second division play at the University of Toronto’s Athletic Center.
Early on Day 1, the Jets played a close first half against the visiting Ottawa United Titans 2. Beginning in the third quarter, the home side slowly but surely began to pull away and wound up with a 14-6 victory. The win was especially significant because the Jets were missing several players who could not get time off from work to play.
Later in the day, the Jets faced off against Laval, a Montreal suburbs squad. The Jets stayed close for three quarters but still found themselves trailing by two goals entering the fourth period.
In a see saw quarter, the Jets scored three unanswered goals to take the lead, then gave up two goals to again fall behind before scoring twice late to pull out a thrilling 10-9 win.
On the second day of competition, the Jets Navy team was pitted first against Adriatico and had nothing in the tank falling 16-7.
Later in the day, the Jets squared off against the Hamilton-based squad, Southwest Sharks. The game had numerous lead changes as both teams found ways to score. In the end, the Jets had enough energy in the fourth quarter to pull out a close 15-13 victory.
The final day saw the Jets Navy team go up against the Mavericks, a team comprised mostly of U20 players. The score stayed close throughout the first half but the Jets never relinquished the lead and, in the second half, pulled away for a 9-4 win.
The 4-1 record put the Jets Navy team in second place in the six team second division heading into the second weekend of play which will take place in Montreal on the weekend of January 20-22.
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