The Toronto Golden Jets senior women’s water polo program made history on the first weekend of Major League Water Polo (MLWP) by fielding a second team in the national league for the first time ever.

The Jets Navy team burst into existence in exciting fashion on Day 1 of the MLWP weekend taking on the Ottawa Titans.

The teams traded leads several times, including twice in the fourth quarter before ending up in a tie at the end of regulation time. The tie meant a penalty shootout would decide the winner. Both the Jets and Titans had opportunities to win the shootout. In the end, in the fourth round of shots, the Jets missed while Ottawa scored giving the Titans a 20-19 win.

Later in the day, the Jets Navy team was back in the pool squaring off against South Central. Probably suffering from an adrenaline crash after the thriller shootout earlier, the Jets fell behind early.

It took a big push in the final quarter that allowed the Jets to mount a comeback and escape with a hard-fought 14-12 victory.

On Day 2, the Jets Navy team had its work cut out facing CAMO. The Montreal visitors proved to be too much and rolled to a 15-2 triumph.

The 1-2 record left the Jets Navy team in 4th place in the Eastern Conference heading into the second league weekend which will take place in Montreal, January 20-22.

The top four teams from the Eastern Conference will qualify for the National Finals in Regina, March 31, April 1-2.Related: jello salad without pineapple, cadillac eldorado brougham pininfarina, fenrir mordex codes, hammer act 1994, phil ruffin home, genesee county mugshots, chris kyle longest sniper shot, how old is katie standon now, news anchor kills herself after lasik, st vincent orphanage denver colorado, melbourne to gold coast via hume highway, jodean’s monthly specials, ould inishowen whiskey, can you use magic shaving powder on your vag, hawaii surfing competition 2022,Related: cheap apartments in santo domingo, dominican republic, aoyama kun characters, campus federal credit union payoff address, alex ward mc chris, latter day saints rules, kate macdonald ita buttrose daughter, plum smuggler commercial, adelaide babbage hockey, st louis blues military tickets, base de datos etecsa 2020 descargar gratis, tim minchin wife and family, brigadoon beetlejuice, bridge to nowhere death, rogers centre entrance gates, i cook as long as i want in italian,Related: legoland teacher pass 2022 blackout dates, coffman funeral home obituaries staunton, va, fake left the group messenger, stabbing alpha road, croydon, erickson helicopter crash, aries man jealous over pisces woman, hello neighbor beta 1 steam, no background check apartments in des moines iowa, lewis brisbois salary cuts, what is wrong with the holiness movement, duplex for sale in tracy, ca, leupold burnt bronze rifle scope, sanford, florida recent arrests mugshots, messages for ex girlfriend to make her happy, nurse practitioner productivity bonus formula,Related: io netty handler codec decoderexception received unexpected null component, redlands unified school district lunch menu, germantown wi obituaries, what color represents justice, alonzo brooks creek photo, keeping up with the joneses australia where are they now 2018, david gergen height, tony schiavello net worth, f is for family lamaze lady voice actor, greenspoint shooting today, ge holiday schedule 2021 louisville, ky, can you transplant tiger grass, booneville, ms police department arrests, yonke de motos en los angeles california, is jackie chan still alive 2020,Related: clear blue insurance company trucking, seurat subset analysis, tdcj visitation portal login, handmade pottery soup bowls with handles, patio homes for sale in lexington, sc, tcby white chocolate mousse copycat recipe, 11 impact zone, warframe impact to slash, wras dead leg regulations, ranch style homes for sale waterloo iowa, falesia undulna tessari, alpha express labs tulsa airport, chiltern bin collection calendar, elliot pheasants for sale, dogecoin contract address,Related: clear lake high school shooting, goldman sachs london salary, 2022 excel calendar with holidays, ms shirleen net worth, who did willem dafoe replace in life aquatic, ship to oregon to avoid sales tax, costa concordia morti nomi, roane county tennessee news, yandex translate image, list reports on file by date dmv, do deacons get paid in the baptist church, chris tucker daughter, cashiers check buying used car, how long did the ingalls live in winoka, raleigh charter waitlist,Related: military writing vs civilian writing venn diagram, pantagraph obituaries pending, florida shark attacks, where was rumor has it filmed, can i take sudafed two days before surgery, citizens bank park birthday announcements, when to stop watering lawn in houston texas, gildan heliconia vs safety pink, was jeffrey jones in harry potter, montgomery, mn obituaries, 1991 fleer ultra baseball error cards, sharp vs scripps, burleigh morton mugshots busted, rhonda rivera davidson age, mary elizabeth harriman heart and stroke,